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Ron: Planting season is here. Farmers graphite is out and DUST is in. We are here with Michael Muscleman from Low Mu Tech. Tell us about it Michael.

Michael: DUST is the cleaner safer soy replacement for talc and graphite. Farmers are really accepting it on millions of acres now. It’s a product that it will reduce your static electricity and help the seed flow on the planter. It’s easier to use and much safer than talc and graphite.

Ron: And what about your new product coming out?

Michael : We’ve got our second patent on a new product and its a liquid protein protein polymer that is micro plastic free. We call it COAT. It’s role is to help with seed treatments to reduce the dusting off and to hold the seed treatment materials on. So,start looking for that out in the marketplace,

Ron: Where can we go online to find out more?

Michael: You can go to LowMuTech.com