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Ron:  You’ve heard about carbon credits, this is a different take. We’re talking with Del Fike of Graze Master Group and Del. Tell us about The Carbon Alliance, and how it is supplied to pasture land.

Del: Well, it’s a pretty unique program and that’s why the Graze Master Group came on board with the Agoro. It identifies the passion range land acres, often a segment that is forgotten in agriculture and hasn’t got the perks. So it’s something I can bring to my friends and family, let’s go out and improve the soil and let’s improve your passion range land. You can make some money off of it, which improves everything. Family, health, community and more.

Ron: Where can we go online to find out more?

Del: Go to https://www.grazemastergroup.com

This interview was conducted at the Nebraska Ag Expo on Decemer 6 – 8, 2022